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Presentations - Glasgow 2017

Here are some of the presentations from the Glasgow meeting in 2017


Presentations from Glasgow 2017

Accompanying services within the Interdisciplinary Approach - Tadevosyan H.pdf (363.3 kB)

Ethical dilemmas in kidney transplant with living parent donor for child with short life expectancy - Kamphuis-Serpa N.pdf (553.9 kB)

Executive functioning following paediatric kidney transplantation - Hartmann M.pdf (725.2 kB)

Harvey\'s gang-a story about a boy, hero, legend, Harvey Buster Baldwin - Robinson M.pdf (11,132.2 kB)

Health-related quality of life in children with chronic kidney disease - Oeborn H.pdf (686.7 kB)

History and Current State of Psychosocial Care in European Paediatric Nephrology - Bethe D, Reid C.pdf (2,312.4 kB)

How the Finnish Kidney and Liver Association supports children and families - Miettinen M.pdf (2,047.0 kB)

How to work effectively as an MDT - Velleman S.pdf (613.0 kB)

Living related renal transplantation from grandparental donors - Scanes M.pdf (296.7 kB)

Making Difficult Decisions together - Bathgate F.pdf (651.8 kB)

Medication non-adherence is a leading modifiable cause for renal graft loss - Melhem N et al.pdf (1,701.6 kB)

More than just IQ - Pruefe J.pdf (703.4 kB)

Outpatient nephrotic syndrome consultation - ven der Zijde M, Kensellar M.pdf (769.3 kB)

Parental Experience of Paediatric Kidney Transplantation - Bowden S.pdf (470.5 kB)

Patients experience of transplant - Asghar I Hunter L.pdf (913.2 kB)

Psychological wellbeing of children with CKD - Van Herzeele C, De Bruyne E.pdf (892.9 kB)

Renal Transplantation for a child with ASD - Samuel E.pdf (227.0 kB)

Stress, anxiety and depression in parents of children with chronic kidney disease - Van Herzeele C, De Bruyne E.pdf (1,148.5 kB)

Survey on managing transition in transplant recipients in Europe.pdf (640.8 kB)

The Impact of Transplantation on Siblings - Walsh G.pdf (681.6 kB)

To Safeguard or not to safeguard - Daglar T.pdf (551.7 kB)

To transplant or not to transplant - Willem L.pdf (903.8 kB)

Transition from Paediatric to Adult Nephrology Units in France - Novo R.pdf (2,396.5 kB)

Virtual Hospital Project Finland - Tornivuori A.pdf (4,894.1 kB)

Presentations - Heidelberg 2016

Here are some of the presentations from the Heidelberg meeting in 2016


Presentations - Lille 2015

Presentations - Porto 2014

Programme and Abstracts

Presentations - Rotterdam 2013

Final Programme and Presentations

Presentations - Hamburg 2012

Abstracts and Presentations

Presentations - Nottingham 2011

Abstracts (below) and Presentations

Presentations - Helsinki 2010

Below you can download a selection of presentations from the 2010 conference in Helsinki

Presentations - Leuven 2009

Below you can download the presentations and see photos from the 2009 conference in Leuven

Adherence research in adolescents with kidney disease-the past, the present, and the future - Dobbels.pdf.pdf (339.1 kB)

A psychological approach within 4 children of different ages - Guittard.pdf.pdf (1,696.6 kB)

Communication before and with chronic renal failure - Jean Steyaert.pdf.pdf (4,218.4 kB)

Comparison of quality of life perceptions between adolescent transplant patients, their parents, and healthy controls - Decorte.pdf.pdf (249.0 kB)

Cystinosis - adherence to cysteamine treatment in Benelux - Schurmans.pdf.pdf (259.5 kB)

Education for children in renal replacement therapy - Govaerts.pdf.pdf (310.6 kB)

Ethical aspects of genetic diagnosis - Devriendt.pdf.pdf (1,154.7 kB)

EWOPA 2009 Programme.pdf (156.8 kB)

Family education programme for nephrotic syndrome - Benz.pdf.pdf (4,653.0 kB)

How do patients and their families like to access dietary infomration - Janes.pdf.pdf (407.3 kB)

Impact of health care system factors on adherance in transplantation-looking beyond the horizon - de Geest.pdf.pdf (939.3 kB)

Joint efforts from parents and doctors to promote the care for cystinosis patients in Russia - Tsygin.pdf.pdf (113.0 kB)

Late social rehabilitation after kidney transplantation in childhood - Gagnadoux.pdf.pdf (310.2 kB)

Neurocognitive functioning in school-aged cystinosis patients - Besouw.pdf.pdf (164.1 kB)

Non-adherance in adolescent transplant recipients - Aujoulat.pdf.pdf (215.5 kB)

Outcome after transfer to adult care unit - single centre experience - Clermont.pdf.pdf (1,021.7 kB)

Painful procedures - helping children cope - MacKinlay.pdf.pdf (285.6 kB)

Pain Passport - Kalisvaart.pdf.pdf (796.3 kB)

Quality of life in children on cRRT in the Netherlands and Belgium - Tromp.pdf.pdf (639.0 kB)

Quality of life of children with CKD - Maxwell.pdf.pdf (810.7 kB)

Steroid sensitive nephrotic syndrome as a psychosocial burden - long-term analysis - Rueth.pdf.pdf (125.5 kB)

The catharsis and its scarcity - Sallay.pdf.pdf (119.1 kB)

Tube feeding or supplemental feeding in children with chronic renal failure - Van der Vaerent.pdf.pdf (1,140.1 kB)

Working with trauma-case study of a 12-year old girl post kidney transplant - Hames.pdf.pdf (1,111.7 kB)

Presentations and Programme 2008 - London

Below you can download the programme and presentations given at the 2008 conference in London.

Programme 2007 - Lille

Below you can download the programme of the 2007 conference in Lille

Programme 2006 - Krakow

Below you can download the programme of the 2006 conference in Krakow

Programme 2005 - Genoa

Below you can download the programme of the 2005 conference in Genoa

Presentations 2004 - Dublin

Below you can download our presentations given at the 2004 conference in Dublin