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Renewing of coordination committee


The coordination committee consists of 4 active members plus annual conference president.

Actual members are:     - Ezio Casari, Genova (conference president 2005)
     - Ki Lindquist, Helsinki
     - Michel Foulard, Lille
     - Sue Rigden, London
     - Evelyn Reichwald-Klugger, Heidelberg (chair person)

As it has been suggested at the first committee meeting in London 1999 members of the committee enroll for 3 years and then reapply or stand down. Having engaged in the committee already for 6 years is true for Ki, Michel and Evelyn, and four years for Sue. Therefore all "Friends of the EWG" are invited to engage in the committee work and to apply for one of the 4 positions.

A member of the coordination committee
now does not have to have already hosted an annual conference or one of the constitutional meetings on the future of the EWG in 1998 and 1999,
but only should have visited at least 3 annual conferences.

With regard to the continuity of the committee work it would not be desirable to exchange all four members at one moment. This is, why it is preferable to have new members to enter and to leave the committee one after the other.

Colleagues interested in the committee work are invited to join the annual meeting of the coordination committee,

Friday, 27.05., 7.00 at Genova-Quarto

Elections will then take place.

Thank you for your committment!

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