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5th Meeting of the coordination-group in Glasgow / Summary


Participants: D. Gill, M. Foulard, J. Hulstijn-Dirkmaat, T. Lennert, A. Lindquist,
A. Murphy, P. Neuhaus, J. Pérrissé, E. Reichwald-Klugger, S. Ridgen

1. Renewing of coordination committee

The coordination committee consists of 4 active members plus annual conference president.

Actual members are:
- Anna Murphy, Conference president Glasgow 2002
- Evelyn Reichwald-Klugger, Heidelberg (chair person)
- Ki Lindquist, Helsinki
- Michel Foulard, Lille
- Sue Ridgen, London

As it has been suggested at the first committee meeting in London 1999 members of the committee enroll for 3 years and then reapply or stand down. Having engaged in the committee already for 3 years was true for Ki, Michel and Evelyn. Therefore all "Friends of the EWG" had been invited to engage in the committee work and to apply for one of the 3 positions.
Unfortunately nobody was found to be ready to engage at this moment. Therefore all members of the existing committee agreed to reapply to guarantee continous work. But all members made clear, that this would be the last period as an active coordination committee member. By this all friends of the EWG are cordially encouraged to think about future engagement in the committee work.
In order to facilitate the gaining of new active members the preconditions were changed:

A member of the coordination committee

  • now does not have to have already hosted an annual conference or one of the constitutional meetings on the future of the EWG in 1998 and 1999,
  • but only should have visited at least 3 annual conferences.

With regard to the continuity of the committee work it would not be desirable to exchange all four members at one moment. This is, why it is preferable to have new members to enter and to leave the committee one after the other. Last year this idea was already realized by the entering of Sue Rigden.

2. Last year development

Use of website
Since the EWG is a very small group of colleagues working in a very special field of pediatrics, the movements on the website had not been very vivid. The "Forum" was not used at all and the "Guestbook" visited rarely. Users preferred to directly contact the ewopa-address in Heidelberg. Additionally because of lack of money and manpower the website could not be actualized as soon as it would have been desirable.
Successful was the approach to the ESPN (European Society for Paediatric Nephrology). You find a link to the "ewopa" now on the ESPN-Site. The Union of National European Paediatric Societies and Associations (UNEPSA) installed a link to ewopa too. The same is true for the German working group on pediatric nephrology (APN).
Participants from all countries were encouraged to ask their national medical societies to integrate an ewopa-link on their websites.

3. Future plans

Following the wish to present a list of literature from the last 10 years about psychosocial aspects in CRF-children everybody is asked to send in references about own published articles and abstracts.
Our next conferences will take place as announced already last year

  • 2003 in Zurich and, what is new
  • 2004 in Dublin.

We are very thankful to the future hosts Thomas Neuhaus and Denis Gill!

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