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4th Meeting of the coordination-group in Toulouse / Summary


This year's annual conference took place in Toulouse, June 9th to 12th 2001. By this the longterm wish of many working group members to have the psychosocial meeting in France once again and to contact the colleagues in the French centres was fulfilled.
A splendid scientific programme and a very special warm and friendly southern France atmosphere allowed an intensive discussion of the actual psychosocial matters.
One extraordinary highlight was the presence of Ginette Raimbault, the European lady pioneer in the field of psychosocial care of children with CRF, starting her work already in the early seventies. She was invited by the hosting Toulouse Team around François Bouissou.
For more information see the attached scientific program of the 32nd conference. Abstracts are available. Please contact us, if you need any further information!

Participants: F. Bouissou, M. Foulard, H. Kärrfelt, K. Lindqvist, E. Reichwald-Klugger, S. Rigden, P. Sallay, A. Murphy, R. Van Damme-Lombaerts, T. Neuhaus, T. Lennert

1. New member in coordination-group

During the first three years of the coordination-group's work no British member was integrated. Because of the longterm involvement and engagement of British pediatric nehprology centres in psychosocial matters of the patients the wish arose to have a British delegate representing his country in the psychosocial coordination-group.
Being a very long and close friend of the ewopa-renalchild, having hosted the annual conference in 1990 and being very engaged in the psychosocial welfair of young renal patients in daily clinical work and in international societies (ESPN) Sue Rigden from Guy's Hospital London, was asked to take this part. Despite of her various other obligations she agreed and we are happy to welcome her as a new member in the ewopa-coordination-group.

Congratulations Sue Rigden!

Sue changed the position with Helena Kärrfelt, social worker and family therapist from Huddinge Hospital Stockholm, who had worked intensively within the committee since its start in 1998. Because of the annual conference taking place in Stockholm in 1998 two Scandinavian colleagues had been elected to be coordination group members a few months before at the constituting meeting on the future of the European Working group in Heidelberg.
During the "Business-meeting" of the 32nd Conference at Toulouse Helena Kärrfelt was thanked officially for all her commitment within the psychosocial working group during the last three years.

Thank you Helena Kärrfelt!

2. Presentation of the new Website

Most of the time of the breakfast-meeting of the coordination-group and ewopa-friends was spent with the presentation and discussion of our website, which was accepted in its basics by the coordination-group as well as by the conference attendants during the "Business meeting" the same afternoon.
A lot of wishes and hopes are connected with the ewopa-homepage:
  • Communication between people interested in this field of work is expected to be facilitated immensly
  • The website shall replace the former idea of developing posters to inform about the working group activities
  • Conference reports were decided to be presented this way, too, because it will be much easier to reach people interested. At the same time the difficult barrier of acceptance in medical journals can be avoided.
  • It is important to point out that information can only be transmitted if it is sent to the secretariat in Heidelberg. The quality and actuality of our website depends on the active cooperation of the European centres.
  • The "Forum" to be found under the button Communication allows a vivid discussion on psychosocial questions even between the annual conferences.
  • With regard to the social components of the working group people were asked to send in nice photographs from ewopa-events, which they would like to show to the colleagues.

3. Next conferences

As it had been promised already the year before in Budapest all interested colleagues are cordially invited to join the two following meetings:

33rd Conference Glasgow 22 - 25 May, 2002

34th Conference Zurich 21 - 24 May, 2003

We thank Anna Murphy and Thomas Neuhaus for the readiness to take the baton.

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