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3rd Meeting of the coordination group, 25.5.2000 Budapest / Summary


Participants: M. Foulard, I. Hulstijn-Dirkmaat, H. Kärrfelt, E. Leumann, K. Lindqvist, A. Murphy, E. Reichwald-Klugger, S. Rigden, P. Sallay

1. Looking back on the last year

Last year no extra meeting of the Coordination Group and other coregroup members had been necessary. Communication between group members worked well via e-mail. Michel and Evelyn met at the "1ère Réunion commune, Sociéte de Néphrologie et Sociéte Francophone de Dialyse", Lausanne 6.-8. Octobre 1999. The new leaflets in English and French we handed out at this occasion as well as during the ESPN-meeting in Prague.

2. Outstanding general tasks and new ideas

  • It was reminded of the great importance to publish conference reports of the annual working group meetings. The report of the Manchester-conference in 1995 was the last(!) publication in "Pediatric Nephrology". The report of 1997 was refused. The group will contact Cyril Chantler to discuss this matter.
  • For the given moment no need for further leaflet translations was seen. If the contact to the Italian centres will get closer again, this would be the next language to translate in.
  • Until next year meeting at Toulouse an ewopa-renalchild homepage should be developed for presentation and discussion. Additionally the realization of posters informing about the working group aims and activities to be hung out in the European Pediatric Nephrology centres was planned.
  • Since over the long years of annual conferences there is a big collection of mostly unpublished abstracts on a widespread variety of psychosocial topics, a small committee shall review the existing abstract booklets and choose the very important ones in order to make them available in a summary.
  • The yellow booklet "Information on annual conferences" must be updated for the last three years.

3. Financial situation

Although again a whole while was spent on the discussion about fund raising and membership fee or centre fee no new aspects and decisions were found. That is: no fee, no money and all money input comes from the local centres who host the annual conference and the centre where the secretariat is located. Further details about the discussion of this question can be find in the "Summary of the London-meeting of the Coordinating Group in 1999". Please order by e-mail.

4. Cooperation with medical societies/conferences

The necessity of combining medical and psychosocial meetings has always been discussed controversially, which during the last big discussion at London 1999 was decided to be a too early moment for now.
At the ESPN-meeting in Helsinki the first announcement of the psychosocial meeting next year in Toulouse will be handed out (Michel) as well as leaflets in English and Finnish (sent to Christer Holmberg). Again the question arose, whether the psychosocial conference in 2002 in Glasgow should be combined with the British Renal Symposium (for more details see "Summary of the London-meeting of the Coordinating Group in 1999"). The participants voted after a new discussion against a combination (yes 2, no 6, abstention 1). It was proposed to invite well known pediatric nephrologists to give presentations or to take part in panel discussions at the psychosocial conferences instead.

5. Next conferences

The interest in the year 2001 as time to host the annual conference was not big! This probably because of a lot of extra events which had to be planned for the year 2000. For the centres Nottingham, Glasgow and Zurich 2001 was not the right moment, but the Toulouse centre, which would have prefered the year after, too, finally was ready to take the baton! We are very thankful.
The coordination group meeting could be closed with termination of already three following conferences:
32nd Conference Toulouse 09.-12.5.2001
33rd Conference Glasgow 22.-25.5.2002
34th Conference Zurich 2003
The results of the coordination group meeting were presented at the "Business Meeting" of the 31. Conference at Budapest 26.5.00.

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