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Conferences 1986 - 1991

Leuven, Prague, Heidelberg, Manchester, Vienna, Lille



  • Psychosocial care of children before ESRD
  • RDT in infants
  • Neuropsychologic development
  • Eating disorders
  • Psychological significance of small stature
  • Body image after TX
  • Drug compliance
  • Adolescents' concerns
    - View of the future
    - Sexual problems
  • Follow-up studies in young adults having left pediatric care
  • Death of child


  • Support group for parents
  • Risk factors in families: RDT vs. diabetes mellitus
  • Parental attitudes to enteral feeding modalities
  • Problems of siblings

Care and carers

  • Nursing care:
    - Quality improvement programme
    - Nurse counsellor
  • Coping with chronic illness in the classroom
  • Hospital school
  • Transfer to adult unit
  • Burdens of care
  • Team burn-out


  • Living donation
    - Promotion of living donation?
    - Psychological risk factors
    - Neglected donor
  • "Failure to die" (the inaccurate prediction of death)
  • GH-therapy, psychological impact
  • Dialysis is easy, it's feeding that is difficult
  • Naso gastric feeding
  • Recruiting children to clinical trials


  • Multidisciplinary teamwork
  • Teamworking in five pediatric renal units in Europe
  • Role of psychosocial team in the medical management
  • Interaction of disease, care and coping
  • Non-adherence: a medical problem or a psychological phenomenon?
  • Compliance and relationship

Ethics and politics

  • Religious aspects in patient care
  • Ethical aspects in treatment of neonates
  • Legislation concerning care in different European countries (organ procurement)

Societal problems

  • CRF and problematic psychosocial background
  • Ethnic minorities
  • CRF-service across Europe
  • CRF in gypsy families
  • CRF in East European patients


  • Sporting activities following TX
  • "Holiday camp" and rehabilitation

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